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  Road User Charges
  As a result of the recent High Court judgment the Road Fund Administration
(RFA) is obliged to refund all heavy vehicle owners who have already paid their
Mass Distance Charges (MDC)
    "A Road User Charging (RUC) System in general is defined as a system to raise revenue from road users to cover and pay for the costs of providing and maintaining public roads" (Africon Namibia, April 2004).
  History     Corporate Governance
  The Road Fund Administration (RFA) was established on the 1th April 2000 by the Road Fund Administration Act (Act 18 of 1999), with the primary aim of managing the road user charging system, to secure and allocate sufficient funding for a safe and efficient road sector in Namibia. read more...     The Administration is governed by a board of directors accountable to the Minister of Finance, and are responsible for policy formulation, control and management of the Administration. A management team consisting of four managers executes the day-to-day management of the more...
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